The Key Part the Interview Plays in Attracting Top Talent and How Software can Support

Email is the number one choice when being approached by employers and recruiters about being interviewed. According to TotalJobs email is the preferred method of communication for 39% of candidates. Not only is email less obtrusive it’s also private avoiding any awkward moments whilst a candidate is at work. In the same way you should be showcasing your employee brand in any job advert you're posting, the interview is a critical and prominent opportunity to promote your (client's) company as a desirable place to work. Technology can play a key role here too - there are an increasing number of talent match tools available for you to use. Talent match technology will suggest potentially suitable candidates for your role. There's also many CV database that you might want to take advantage of. Making the most of technology can ensure the interview process is ensures the turnaround from application to job offer is as swift as it can be. The recruitment process is not exempt from our insatiable appetites for immediate results and candidates have expectations that this process should take no longer than one month with a optimum time frame of two weeks. Minimise lengthy processes by using software that allows you to gain a deeper insight into personalities, abilities and talents. Don’t underestimate the value of software that allows you to streamline the interview process ensuring vacancies are filled in a more timely manner.

Not surprisingly the majority of recruiters and employers have reduced the time it takes to go through the interview process, necessarily. They’re keen to appoint top talent as soon as possible but this also ensures the recruitment process, and interview, is meeting candidates’ expectations. Candidates are actively put off from lengthy recruitment processes. The overwhelming and standout point here is the key issue is speed. Use technology to transform your interview process to deliver game changing results for your candidates and clients.

It’s widely regarded that the interview is the part in the hiring process that allows the recruiter to effectively assess if the candidate can do the job and if the candidate is aligned with the company. Due to the sheer amount of admin involved with the recruitment process, too many recruiters view the interview’s primary function to disqualify unsuitable candidates as opposed to using it to attract top talent. The interview is a golden opportunity to showcase your (client’s) company in order to hire top talent that are interested in career growth opportunities. The interview is so critical to the hiring process that it’s important that recruiters and HR professionals apply the same top tips to how they interview to what we expect from candidates; make a strong impression, communicate the company culture and ethos effectively, listen and emphasise what the company can do for the candidate. Get ahead, stand out and exceed in your recruitment targets by using technology without losing the personal touch for any type of interview and pre-screening exercise.

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