Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Honest.

With every new year comes a desire to improve ourselves. Set our goals and objectives for the year ahead for ourselves that we strive to achieve. At least for the first month or so!

We wish you every success for 2018. May it be your best year yet. As we all look ahead to what this year may bring for us as individuals we also consider what it might have install for us as professionals. There’s always an influx of candidates looking for a new position at this time of year so it’s important we’re doing everything we can as top industry professionals to attract the very best talent for our clients or organisation.

This includes the type of software we’re using.

As developers of software we spend a huge amount of our combined headspace thinking about what makes good software. It’s both a blessing and a curse that any software we use as a business comes under great scrutiny! We often agonise over all features and functionality and often our favourite office conversation starts with ...”wouldn’t it be good if it did...”. Above all else, knowing that we’ve helped someone save time or save money or hit their target is a very powerful motivator to keep doing what we do. Here’s some thoughts on what makes software good so that when you undertake a review of your software (and I urge you to do this much more than annually because everything is moving so quickly!) these are some of the things you might want to consider...

  1. An obvious but often overlooked point. Does it make things simpler and easier for you? Software is like good diet choices or doing exercise in that we have to invest in it to get the most out of it. So much amazing software is often dismissed because it needs you to make it great but above every ALL software should make your life easier and simpler. If you’re using any software that makes you want to shout profanities at your laptop, vow to replace now and get rid!
  2. Does it link up with your existing system and provide a seamless experience? If it doesn’t, it should.
  3. It is enjoyable and efficient to use?! Does it actually perform its intended task? Does it do it well? It’s important we’re also considering the aesthetics of any software. Shallow as it may seem but any piece of software, every line of code should improve our daily existence in some way but also be enjoyable and pleasing to the eye.
  4. Is there help and support (very easily) available to you? Are you charged for that support? There should be support in abundance and it should be free. Do with this opinion what you will!
  5. Is it easy to use? There’s only one right answer to this question. It’s inexcusable in 2018 for software to be difficult to use or hard to understand. A piece of software could have endless bells and whistles but if it’s not easy to use it’s never going to be a great piece of software. Your software must be so intuitive that you think it’s obvious what must be done next in order to complete a task.
  6. And so to features...does it have a full feature set? Does it offer and provide the functionality to do what you need it to do? This again might seem obvious but if in such a fast paced digital revolution there is no excuse for software not to be working for you.
  7. Any complete list of what makes software great should include reliability. But I’m very reluctant to add this one as it should be a given. So instead I’m sharing this note with you!

So there you have it. Be bold, brave and honest with your reviews of your existing software. If your goal is to attract, acquire and RETAIN top talent, make sure you’re using the very best HR and recruitment software this industry has to offer.

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