It's Christmas time...

Most people love a gadget at Christmas don’t they? Time Magazine said earlier this year that “we’re in a “boring” period for gadgets” but surely that can’t be true? What have been the best and worst of tech this year?

What would go on your ‘best’ list?

What about a Dyson Hairdryer?
Top of lots of Santa lists, Dyson’s hair dryer is one of the most expensive at-home hair tools ever seen. But is it worth it? According to them, the Dyson hair dryer is six times smaller and three times lighter than your average hair dryer. Despite that, it delivers such a powerful airflow that it cuts drying time in half – your arms will thank you for the investment!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Brave is the man who purchases one for his beloved this Christmas, but nonetheless, now being developed by brands such as Miele, iRobot and Maplin, they could be the time saving gadget of 2018 – you can schedule the majority to clean while you are at work!

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
Bose have brought out their new Revolve speaker – to ‘give you goosebumps’. Apparently you can take this with you in the bath or to the swimming pool (perhaps not advised on busy sessions!)

eSight 3
A gadget that has lofty and admirable ambitions. Esight create electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see, be mobile and independently engage in virtually all activities of daily living via a combined high-definition camera and video display. With virtually no input lag from the front-facing camera to the screens, eSight is a true augmented reality headset.

Smart running shoes!
Under Armour’s new generation trainers have sensors embedded in each sole to track, analyse & store virtually every running metric so you know exactly what you need to do to get better. They say these are the first smart shoe that can help you decide the intensity of your next run.

And on the flipside - Blackberry
We won’t be the first to think that the Blackberry, while it hasn’t given up the ghost quite yet, won’t be top of many people’s lists this year. It peaked in 2012 with over 80 million global users and certainly paved the way for the smartphone as we now know it. However, like Betamax and floppy disk makers before them, they resisted further development for too long.

Whatever is on your list this year, remember to review your software as well as considering those trendy gadgets – we believe Digirec (a steal for your stocking!) can save you time and money in 2018 and simply make you a recruiter of choice. Whether you’re a high volume recruiter, a headhunter or a 360 industry specialist, you will find Digirec has advantages for you in your job. Remember the lessons from Blackberry - those that embrace change stand to benefit the most and won’t be left behind. Give Digirec a try in 2018, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and an exceptional 2018.

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