What is a Recruitment App?

From sharing CVs and job offers via the good old fax machine, apps and software available today are revolutionising our industry in ways we could never have thought possible a few short years ago. The technology now on offer, and being embraced by the savvy recruitment and HR professionals amongst us, see us making great changes at every stage of the recruitment process from back office admin, talent acquisition to attracting the highest calibre of candidate and reporting back to our clients. So why not use technology for the interview itself? This gaping hole in the process is costing us our time, our candidates’ their experience and is hurting our bottom line, it might even mean we’re not being compliant when we need to be.

DigiRec is an app for all of your interviews that eliminates your administration, improves your candidates’ experience and means your compliance is bang on... all in the most simple, effective and obvious ways. DigiRec replaces the time consuming paper and pen and records (and bookmarks) your candidate interview whilst allowing you to take notes digitally. But that’s not everything, using the camera on your iPhone or iPad you can simply and easily take a photo of your candidate’s ID and proof of right to work. By the time you’ve finished asking your first question all of this information is already stored, backed up and available in the office.

We, like every technology company, are passionate about two things - our industry (recruitment & HR) and software. We want to transform the way you conduct your interviews simply and effectively so that we an get rid of unnecessary admin, get you compliant and free to concentrate on your candidate.

We understand that as more and more apps and software opportunities become available, it’s crucial that recruitment consultants and HR professionals understand why it’s important to understand what an app can offer you and how it’s beneficial to you and your business. As well as ensuring you’re using technology that can make sure you’re staying way ahead of the competition. That’s why we offer a completely free and personalised set up to get you up and running and to ensure the software is adding value from day one. It’s why we offer a transparent pricing system with no hidden extras and why we’re always adding new features and functionality at no extra charge. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Our team is made up of a happy and perfectly aligned team of both recruitment professionals and techies (including a serial head hunter and one proper geek!)

Those that embrace change stand to benefit the most. DigiRec, like all great software available in this industry, is supporting the move to a candidate-focused compliant marketplace and no unnecessary administration. All the better for us, our candidates and our clients.

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